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We are QN Projects, a young and innovative software company! We make it possible with our software to make complex matter simple for a great many users.


We develop online Software as a Service (SaaS) for every industry and offer it as an online service. The user does not purchase the software, but pays a fixed amount for the use and gets easy access via the internet.




Since its founding in 2000, QN Projects has grown into a successful company in an always dynamic industry. Driven by innovation, we are constantly developing. We continue to search, challenge and renew. Moving forward is our day to day goal.


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Our Dedicated Team 

For example, we are one of the first in the Netherlands to develop an online accounting program that every entrepreneur can use to book, In the meantime, we have gained an important position with various cloud solutions and we are proud of that!

Our Dedicated Team 

In addition, we always strive for software with high quality and ease of use. With us, the customer comes first. Now and in the future!

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